Imran Khan


OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan2022/ Difficult time for the Muslim world

OIC conference Islamabad Pakistan 2022: OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan/ Difficult time for the Muslim world The reason of this…

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Business Opportunities in Chitral

Business Opportunities in Chitral. Chitral is a great place to start a business. As population of Chitral is raising day…

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3-Treks in 2-Days in the Kalash Valley, Chitral, Pakistan.

Chitral: Friday, May 28, 2021: 05:40 pm: I started traveling to Rumbor valley from Chitral town and reached Balankuru by…

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AKU delegation visits UoCH

AKU DELEGATION VISITS UoCH: Prof Dr. Anjum Halai, Vice Provost, Professor & Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Aga…

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