OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan2022/ Difficult time for the Muslim world

  1. OIC Conference Islamabad Pakistan 2022OIC conference Islamabad Pakistan 2022:

OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan/ Difficult time for the Muslim world

The reason of this session was to make a block of the Muslim world and make them strengthen and United under one roof and give the message to the rest of the world that they are united and powerful.
“A highly representative for UNAOC session was held in Islamabad in March 2022.’
OIC Conference was held on 22 March 2022 in the capital city of Pakistan where almost 56 Islamic countries delegations gathered for the 48 session of OIC.

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where the main agenda was about the islamophobia, Kashmir issue and global challenges for Islamic countries. It is the time to restore the good images of Islamic countries.
The arrangement for OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan was made by the Government of Pakistan and its security agencies .it’s Security was so tough, that there were two delegate countries Russian and China with the members’ states.
All the guests were well come by the interior minister of Pakistan, Although this was a single day session it lays it’s a great impression on the Globe, in the opening session of the OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan conference the Prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan has addressed, were on the speech he pointed and the warned the western world that they should to think about the sacrifices of the Muslim world, and also highlighted the western though, of Islamophobia, terrorism is a global political challenge, why it’s has linked with the Muslim world.
Today theY  Muslim Community and countries are facing problems in the world in any part anywhere, they have their own rights, but no one is serious about them, they are facing a torcher situation the UN Human rights commission should take serious note of it.
These were the words of the PM of Pakistan. In words, the delegates highlight different types of file issues with the Muslim world, The interior minister of Pakistan Mr. Shah Mahmood Quraishi also share his thoughts with the delegates about the current status of the Pakistan and Indian interface on boarder as well about the Afghan refuges.
In his address in OIC Conference  Islamabad Pakistan Mr Shah discuss the impacts of US (NATO) forces when the left Afghan at that time what was the situation of Afghanistan.  The US army didn’t train them well they didn’t lift up their skills. which resulted terrible conditions, they people of Afghan left their houses and relatives and move across the border.
That cause extra Borden on Pakistan hundred of thousands people migrated again to Pakistan. Even they didn’t left any altimate solutions , in his final minutes speed he also highlighted the unity of Muslim Community and countries , they should have to make their own block for their defence and security.
All the members states and delegate depelomate of China and Russia unanimously agreed that they  have to planed and finalize their outsourcing.
Although the session was on single day session which end up almost and give another hope for the young Muslim growing countries.
All the delegates of OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan members stayed in Islamabad to attend the next morning Pakistan Day celebration .
There are few questions will that be possible that they have to make their own block for their defence, security, economic development  and prosperity? By this own they will definitely come up all these challenges .
Although the act of terririsim was linked with the Muslim world but the reality is that is was the plane of western world they want to impose their dominacy on the Muslim Community. All though it comes late but can be treated it wall with full power.
If we look back at the history of OIC if was the dream of late Zulfiqar Ali Buhttu. He was aiming to gather the Muslim Community through this platform when the western world realized then they gose again the dream of late Zulfiqar Ali Buhttu. But with the passage of time the organisation didn’t work on its main mission and focus. In 21 century 2019 after the defeat of America from Afghanistan.
The western strategy was the same to have dominacy on the Muslim dominance, when the setup of Pakistan has changed with IK and his Government , he call all they Muslim world interiors ministers in Islamabad with one agenda of partnering for unity, justice and development of Islamic countries , the aim of this conference was as according to the verses of the Holy Quran ” Hold firm to the rope of Allah collectively and create no dissension;; further discussed on different types like strengthening the bound of Unity and solidarity among the community and member countries, as we know that OIC is also following the principal of UN and its objective. The cause of Islamophobia was the key point of the debt. That was a fruitful session of OIC. This session one again remember us the old and fresh air of OIC when it’s was established in 1970’s of twentieth century.
OIC Conference in Islamabad Pakistan the delegete countries emphesise to give focus on the major issuses of islamic countries which they are facing in from of economic destabality in their region, that should be given first priority .
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