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Business Opportunities in Chitral

Business ideas in Chitral

Business Opportunities in Chitral. Chitral is a great place to start a business. As population of Chitral is raising day by day, therefore the needs of the people is getting enormous. There are multiple businesses to do in Chitral. Like Textile, Stationary,  Hostels, IT field, Restaurants etc.

Lets briefly discuss major fields:

1.Business in Textile Industry:

As population of Chitral is increasing day by day. The demand of textile is also increasing. It is a good idea to start a textile business in Chitral. The main areas are Mena Bazar for female textiles and Goldur Chowk is the best place to start a textile business.

textile Business
Sewing threads multicolored background closeup

2.Business in Stationary:

As the education institutes are increasing day by day Chitral. The demand of stationary is also increasing. There are so many book that students are demanding are not available in Chitral market. So there are so many places to start a stationary business are areas near University of Chitral, DHQ Chowk And Chew Bazar etc.

Close up shot of pens/pencils in the stationary store.


3) Hostels:

As there are so many students are studying in UoCH , Degree Collages etc. Many of students are from far places like  Upper Chitral and Drosh etc. So there is need of hostels in areas like near UoCH, Degree Collage and Commerce Collage etc.




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4) IT Fields:

As Chitral is developing towards the modern world. So there are students and organizations a

re demanding for such items like Laptops , Desktops, Internet facility and many more modern equipments. So there is a big opportunity for business persons to start such businesses like net cafes, Computer Shops, Training Centers for IT, Internet Business like Fiber Storm etc.information technology Business

5) Restaurants:

As the population growth is increasing so there is a basic need which is food also increasing. People travel from different places to the main City for different purposes. So the main places to start a restaurant is the Main City. Main places to start the business are Goldur Chowk, Chew Pull, Attalique Bazar , Bus Stops etc.

hotel or restaurant Business

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