Award Distribution Ceremony of the Sports Week at University of Chitral

Award Distribution Ceremony of the Sports Week at the University of Chitral: Award Distribution Ceremony for the winning teams of the sports week of the University of Chitral was held in the main hall of the University of Chitral. The Chief Guest of the program was Vice-Chancellor University of Chitral Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah. He congratulated the winning teams and awarded shields, trophies, and appreciation certificates to the students.

Speaking on the occasion he said that we must promote healthy activities among the students. The University of Chitral is equally promoting extracurricular activities along with curriculum activities. He urged the students to focus on their studies, maintain discipline in the University, support each other and bring a good name to the University. He appreciated the organizers of the sports week for organizing a successful event in a very short span of time.

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About the University of Chitral:

District Chitral is the largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is a hub of immense untapped economic potential when it comes to mineral extraction, hydropower generation, tourism, a center of oldest ancient civilizations (Kalash, etc.), geostrategic economic importance, and connectivity of the country with Afghanistan, Central Asia, alternate and contingency road to CPEC, etc.

The people of Chitral are instinctively inclined towards education, as they are economically dependent on cash earnings of agricultural products. Resultantly, the literacy rate in Chitral is relatively high i.e. above 71%, and falls around number seventh in the province.

The total number of public & private Colleges/Inter-Schools imparting education to the youth of Chitral within its territorial jurisdiction is ninety-seven, while the number of which can feed the proposed campus with a reasonably large number of students.

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