Jashn-e-Qaqlasht Committee Plans Grand Celebration for 2024

Upper Chitral (Jamshed Ahmad): The Jashn-e-Qaqlasht Committee convened a significant meeting to discuss arrangements for the upcoming celebration scheduled for April 18th. The meeting, held at the Rahayi’s Place, gathered committee members, event organizers, and individuals involved in various aspects of the festivities.

The session commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by opening remarks by General Secretary Muhammad Habib Lal Sangar, outlining comprehensive directives for the event’s preparations. Despite the absence of Chairman Prince Sikander Al-Mulk due to inclement weather conditions, he provided instructions for the celebration’s grandeur via telecommunication.

Each event coordinator presented their documented responsibilities regarding the arrangements for the event and various sports activities. It was decided to hold a formal meeting on April 15th, chaired by Chairman Prince Sikander Al-Mulk, in Boni, where administrative matters and event logistics will be discussed with relevant officials.

Moreover, special emphasis was placed on assigning specific responsibilities to all members of the Jashn-e-Qaqlasht Committee and ensuring the participation of all stakeholders according to their respective capacities to make the celebration memorable. The meeting concluded with President Yormis Khan’s closing remarks and prayers.

Furthermore, DP0 Upper Chitral’s Police Officer was urged to appoint patrols from the Qaqlasht Meadow to ensure the protection of the natural greenery of the Jashn-e-Qaqlasht area, extending from the police station to the celebration site.

The session concluded with President Yormis Khan’s presidential address and supplications, setting a spirited tone for the forthcoming festivities.

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