Qaqlasht Festival Revived with a Focus on Environmental Conservation

SLF Cleanliness Campaign during Jashne Qaqlasht Festival 2024

Upper Chitral: After a hiatus of five years, the much-awaited Qaqlasht Festival returned to Qaqlasht Meadow in Upper Chitral, marking a vibrant celebration of local culture and traditions from 1st to 7th May 2024. The festival, which attracted thousands of enthusiastic attendees, both local and foreign, featured a colorful array of traditional games, cultural performances, and music, creating a lively atmosphere filled with joy and festivity.

However, amidst the jubilation, concerns arose regarding the environmental impact of the event, particularly regarding waste and garbage disposal, which threatened the pristine beauty of the Qaqlasht environment and posed risks to wildlife habitats.

To address these pressing issues, the Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF), in collaboration with the District Administration Upper Chitral and Wildlife Division Chitral, initiated a series of proactive measures aimed at environmental conservation and cleanliness during the festival.

An information camp was set up on-site by the SLF to educate attendees about environmental issues, with a special focus on snow leopard conservation. Prominent individuals, including government officials such as the Deputy Commissioner, District Police Officer, and Assistant Commissioner, as well as community leaders, visited the camp to show their support for environmental initiatives.

To further disseminate information, brochures and materials related to environmental conservation were distributed among festival attendees, raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural ecosystems.

An organized awareness walk, featuring participation from Ismaili Boy Scout Upper Chitral, Qaqlasht Management Committee members, Tehsil Nazim, and other VIPs, aimed to engage the community and underscore the significance of environmental stewardship.

Volunteers from the SLF and Ismaili Boy Scout Upper Chitral undertook the critical task of garbage collection during the festival, ensuring proper disposal to maintain cleanliness and safeguard the environment.

In recognition of individuals’ contributions to environmental cleanup efforts, appreciation awards were distributed, acknowledging their dedication to preserving Qaqlasht’s natural beauty for future generations.

Overall, these concerted efforts underscored the community’s commitment to environmental conservation, ensuring that the revival of the Qaqlasht Festival not only celebrated local culture but also served as a catalyst for responsible environmental practices, safeguarding the region’s ecological heritage for years to come.

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