Historic Victory for Goldoor FC in Chitral Premier League Season One

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Chitral, (October 24, 2023) – In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Football Club Goldoor emerged victorious in Season One of the Chitral Premier League, defeating the formidable DFA Peshawar team. The gripping final match, organized by the District Football Association Chitral and District Sports Office Chitral, showcased the finest talents and sportsmanship, keeping football enthusiasts on the edge of their seats until the last whistle.

The winning team’s exceptional performance was met with roaring applause from the spectators, marking a significant moment in Chitral’s football history. Goldoor FC’s players displayed unwavering commitment and teamwork, earning them the coveted title in this prestigious league.

Acknowledging Excellence: Qashqar TV’s Contribution

Official Broadcast Partner, Qashqar TV, played a pivotal role in bringing the league’s excitement to fans far and wide. The Qashqar TV team, led by Director MN Farani and Production Manager Zia ur Rehman, captured every thrilling moment with precision. Cameraman Hamza Ahmed and Intikhab Ayub ensured viewers enjoyed a top-notch visual experience.

The league’s matches were brought to life by the dynamic commentary duo, Mr. Shoaib Akhonzada and Imtiaz ud Din, whose insightful analysis and enthusiastic narration added depth to the viewers’ experience.

The Chitral Premier League Season One was a testament to the town’s football prowess, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and sportsmanship. This victory not only celebrates Goldoor FC’s triumph but also underlines the collective passion for football in Chitral.

About Chitral Premier League:

The Chitral Premier League is a premier football tournament organized by the District Football Association Chitral and District Sports Office Chitral, bringing together local talent and football enthusiasts to celebrate the spirit of the game.

About Qashqar TV:

Qashqar TV is a leading broadcasting network known for its exceptional sports coverage, providing viewers with high-quality live experiences of various sporting events.

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