Chitral Freelancers Association Inaugurated in Historic Digital Bootcamp with AKRSP Support

In a historic event, the Chitral Freelancers Association (CFA) was officially launched during a digital bootcamp supported by the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP). This groundbreaking initiative is a vital component of the Broadening Economic and Social Transformation for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Recovery (BEST4WEER) project, generously funded by the Government of Canada.

The charming town of Chitral witnessed the convergence of more than 50 freelancers who enthusiastically participated in the formation ceremony of the Chitral Freelancers Association. This initiative aims to harness the digital skills potential within the community, fostering economic empowerment and innovation.

The inauguration ceremony was graced by Dr. Mansoor Ullah Baig, the esteemed Head of the Department of Management Sciences at the University of Chitral. In his inaugural address, Dr. Baig articulated the profound impact the association is poised to have on the digital landscape of Chitral. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among freelancers in the region.

Adding significance to the occasion, Mr. Hameed ul Azam, Manager of Works and Enterprise at AKRSP Chitral, addressed the seminar, expressing congratulations on the formation of CFA. Mr. Azam shed light on the vast opportunities awaiting digital workers and emphasized the pivotal role CFA is set to play in shaping the digital ecosystem in Chitral.

Insights were shared by Mr. Muhammad Nayab and Faryal Kehkeshan, key figures instrumental in the formation of CFA. They expounded on the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the association, highlighting its commitment to fostering digital literacy, collaboration, and economic empowerment among freelancers in Chitral.

The program transitioned into a significant moment with the election of the Caretaker Cabinet of the Chitral Freelancers Association. This marked a commitment to transparent and efficient governance, setting the stage for collective progress in the digital realm.

In closing, the program organizers reiterated their commitment to providing the best facilities and opportunities for freelancers in Chitral. The Chitral Freelancers Association, with the steadfast support of AKRSP and the Government of Canada, stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Chitral’s freelancers, propelling local talent onto the global stage and fostering economic growth in the digital era.

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