Heavy Rainfall in Chitral Results in Loss of Lives and Disruptions in Communication

Chitral (Chitral Express): Continuous rainfall in various parts of Chitral over the past 24 hours has led to tragic incidents claiming two lives and causing several households to be affected. Chitral-Peshawar Road, Boni Road, Garam Chashma Road, and Upper Chitral’s Boni Tor Kho Road have been closed to all kinds of traffic due to the adverse weather conditions. Additionally, numerous tourists have been stranded in the Bombarit Valley as access to the area has been cut off.

According to local authorities, severe flooding caused by torrential rains has led to road closures at various locations, including Chitral-Peshawar Road near Ashirat-e-Kuchhan Gole, Drush-e-Kadum Gole, and Chumur Khon. However, prompt action from local residents saved the life of a foreign tourist whose vehicle was caught in the floodwaters near Chumur Khon.

Furthermore, a shepherd lost his life in a flash flood due to heavy rainfall in the Staro village of Upper Chitral, while two houses were damaged in Bakrabad Bala. However, no casualties were reported. A landslide at Koghozi village on the Boni Road in Chitral resulted in the closure of the road, but the occupants of the affected house remained unharmed.

Similarly, a residential building was affected by heavy rainfall in the Prakora area of Kalash Valley’s Rumbur, although no casualties were reported. The closure of roads in various parts of Chitral, including Nerit, Tirich, and Laspoor, due to landslides, has disrupted travel and communication in these areas.

Moreover, due to continuous rainfall, cellular networks have been disrupted in Upper Chitral as backup solar batteries are not functioning. Affected areas include Garam Chashma, Arkari, Sosom, Jinjiret Koh, Shishi Koh, Kalash Valleys, and Golain in Upper Chitral. In response to the emergency situation, Deputy Commissioner Chitral has revoked all government officials’ holidays and instructed them to report to their stations immediately.

This report brings attention to the pressing issues faced by residents and travelers in Chitral due to the heavy rainfall and consequent flooding. Local authorities are working tirelessly to mitigate the effects of the inclement weather and restore normalcy in the affected areas.

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