People in Upper Chitral deprived of flood relief money

Chitral, Pakistan: Syed Sher Hussain, District President of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Upper Chitral, has accused the local administration of misappropriating flood relief funds. He said that the funds were distributed among relatives and “tigers” instead of the deserving people.

Hussain made these remarks while addressing a press conference at the Chitral Press Club. He said that he had been unanimously elected as the President of PPP Upper Chitral by the party workers. He expressed gratitude to all the party leaders and workers for showing confidence in him.

Hussain said that the recent rains had caused widespread destruction in Upper Chitral and many houses had been demolished. However, he said that the deserving people had been deprived of relief funds. He alleged that the funds had been distributed among relatives and “tigers” of the local administration officials.

Hussain also accused the District Commissioner (DC) Upper Chitral of misappropriating funds for infrastructure rehabilitation. He said that the DC had allocated a large amount of money for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, but the money had been given to specific contractors and “tigers”.

Hussain warned that the PPP workers would take to the streets if work was not done in the affected areas. He said that the party would not tolerate any injustice.

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