Joint Meeting Held in Chitral Lower Bazaar Against Tax Imposition

Under the leadership of renowned religious scholar Maulana Israruddin Al-Hilal, a joint meeting was convened in the Lower Chitral Bazaar Mosque to address the issue of tax imposition, drawing participation from traders, political leaders, and community representatives.

Present at the gathering were Eidul Hussain, President of ANP Chitral Lower; Israr, Senior Vice President of the Traders Union Pakistan; Haji Abdul Naseer, Acting Head of the Senior Traders Union; Secretary-General of the Traders Union and JUI leader, Mehrab Shah; Shabir Ahmed, former President of the Traders Union; along with various traders and community members.

During the session, speakers highlighted the importance of paying taxes for the country’s development but emphasized that taxes should only be levied after providing essential facilities to the public. Concerns were raised regarding the imposition of taxes in the Malakand Division, particularly Lower Chitral, where basic amenities are lacking.

Maulana Israruddin Al-Hilal expressed frustration with the government’s inability to address public grievances and called for a collective protest against unjust tax measures. He urged traders to join hands with other districts in the Malakand Division to observe a complete shutdown on May 14th, 2024, compelling the government to reconsider its decision.

The meeting concluded with a unanimous decision to support the proposed strike on May 14th. The Traders Union of Buni Upper Chitral also held a significant meeting under the leadership of Rahim Khan Buni, aiming to garner political and public support from surrounding constituencies against possible tax implementation in the Malakand Division.

Notable figures such as Gul Murad Khan Advocate, President of the Bar Association; Siraj Ali Khan Advocate, former candidate for provincial assembly from ANP; Shah Wazir Lal, a senior leader of the ANP; Faizur Rahman, former chairman; Prince Sultan Al-Malik, General Secretary of the PML-N; Jamil Ahmed Lal, former district Nazim; Younas, former member of the district council; and former district councilor, Hasool Begum, attended the meeting and reiterated their support for the traders’ stance.

President of the Traders Union praised the political leaders and dignitaries for their support, acknowledging their commitment to addressing the concerns of both traders and the general public.

The former MNA, Prince Iftikharuddin, stated in a press statement that the government must fulfill basic necessities such as road infrastructure, healthcare, education, and electricity before imposing taxes. He warned of massive protests if the government forcefully imposed taxes on Chitral without addressing these fundamental issues.

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