Unique Method of Timber Smuggling Foiled; Smugglers Apprehended at Check Post

Chitral: In an unusual attempt at timber smuggling, authorities intercepted a truck fitted with a tank-like structure on top, camouflaged with stone-like paint, allegedly carrying valuable deodar wood for smuggling purposes. The incident took place at the Akhagram Check Post, where smugglers were apprehended, thwarting their attempt to smuggle timber worth millions of rupees.

According to sources, this truck was destined from Chitral to Down District. It raises questions whether similar attempts have been made in the past or if this is the first incident of its kind.

Further inquiries and investigations are underway, with both the wood and the truck seized for examination. This recent attempt underscores the persistent challenge of timber smuggling in the region and the need for enhanced vigilance and enforcement measures to combat this illegal activity effectively.

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