SRSP Activities in UC Drosh -Chitral

Awareness campaign on Dengue and water borne diseases

Awareness activities on Dengue and Water borne diseases conducted on 27th may, a mass health awareness sessions were held at Government primary school for boys and Government primary school for girls, Shahnigar Darosh-1 on the topic, which was organized by SRSP/PPAF/PPR Health team.

Graced by:

Participant of the activity-1 included Mr. Aziz Ahmad Trainer / Medical lecturer (M/S pathology, M/S Public health USA), Mr. Abdur rauf Head master/ GPS, Mr. Shareef ullah Head teacher/GPS, for Activity-2, Mrs. Haji bibi Head teacher, Miss Shabana urdu teacher, Representative of PPR/SRSP/Health Mr. Kamal Asad (FHO).


Activity 1

Trainer started the session with explanation on Dengue virus, saying that Dengue is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes mosquito with four serotypes of the virus circulating in the tropics. The problem is particularly acute where growing populations live in crowded conditions. The Aedes aegypti mosquito has adapted to breeding in and around human dwellings and deposits its eggs in any uncovered water container, including vases, cans and tyres. Dengue can also be carried by infected humans, including those travelling nationally and internationally. Dengue results in substantial costs to the health sector and the economy as a whole.  A week’s illness can be financially detrimental to families, especially when breadwinners are affected.


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