PM Nawaz Sharif Chitral visit: Summary Report

Chitral (By Zulfiqar Ali Khan) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday announced the establishment of a fully-fledged university in Chitral, besides a 25-bed hospital, saying more institutes of higher learning would follow.

He was addressing a public gathering at the polo ground of Chitral. The prime minister announced setting up of a 250-bed hospital in Chitral under the prime minister’s national health programme. He also announced Rs200 million for the district government of Chitral which he said should be spent on the welfare of the people of the valley.

The prime minister said the Lowari tunnel would be completed by June 2017. He directed the NHA chairman to complete the feasibility reports of the projects of Chitral-Booni-Shandur road, Chitral-Garam Chashma and Chitral Kalash valley road by Dec 2016 and immediately start work on them.

He said he had special regard and love for the people of Chitral and would be working for its progress and development in complete disregard to political affiliations. He said in the past successive governments ignored Chitral, adding he would be coming back to Chitral in June 2017 to open the Lowari tunnel.

He said during the last three years, his government provided Rs10 billion for the tunnel and would spend Rs10 billion more till the next year. He said besides the roads inside Chitral, Rs17 billion were also being spent on the Chakdara to Chitral road which would become the Chitral motorway.

He said that 130 KV transmission lie would be laid from Golen Gol to Chitral town and at least 100 villages would get electricity from the powerhouse in Chitral. He also directed the departments concerned to complete the 108 megawatt Golen Gol project on a priority basis which would also provide electricity to the whole region.

Nawaz Sharif said when he became prime minister APML MNA Iftikhar Uddin came to him and said he was basically a Muslim Leaguer and wants to resign from the seat and contest by-elections on PML-N ticket again. “But I told him not to take a risk and keep on working for the people of your area and I will be supporting you.” Addressing the gathering, Mr Sharif said ask your MNA if I have not been supporting him for the progress of the area.

The prime minister said he had no ill will for anyone but regretted that people in the past took votes in the name of the Lowari tunnel but could not complete it even in 50 years though it should have been ready in three years.

During his speech, Nawaz Sharif again tried to have fun of the people of Chitral and said he was happy that the people of Chitral now understand the Urdu language. He asked the crowd to raise hands how many of you know Urdu. Then he asked those to raise hands who only understand Chitrali (Khowar) language. He then said the people of Chitral are very competent and know Urdu, English and are not behind the people of Karachi, Lahore and Quetta in terms of education.

PML-N leader Amir Muqam, MNA Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin and district nazim Maghfirat Shah thanked the prime minister for visiting Chitral thrice in about a year.

The MNA said that Chitral was the only district in KP which was provided Rs6 billion funds by the federal government during a year. He said change had actually been initiated by the PML-N from Chitral. He said billions of rupees were being spent on different projects in Chitral including the Lowari tunnel and the Chitral-Shandur, Garam Chashma and Bumburate roads. He also reminded the PM about his announcement to waive agricultural loans of the people of Chitral but Mr Sharif did not mention the loans in his speech.

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