The silence of national and international media on the massacre of Palestinians is regrettable. Chief Ikram ud din

German:(International Desk) According to the foreign news agency, Ikramuddin, Head of the Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists of the European Organization and chief executive of Global Times Media Europe, said that if the rulers of Islamic countries cannot fight Israel, then please remove the Join Army of Islamic countries. He said that the army is to teach a lesson to the external enemy forces and not to eradicate terrorism in the country.

It is only the responsibility of the police forces, Rangers, and other agencies to eradicate terrorism in the country. It is time to wage jihad against Israel because the Muslims have endured so many atrocities. Now it is time for Israel to learn a lesson. The armies of all Islamic countries should aim their missiles at Israel and defeat Israel instructively because Israel always Persecution of Muslims in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and other Islamic countries and massacres innocent Muslims which is a pity and an insult to humanity. What to do with the missiles of the forces of Muslim countries if they could not stop the oppression of the Muslims. Muslims have been besieged by Israel from all sides and now we are being hunted down one by one and the rulers of our Muslim countries cannot even stop their products in their country. All Muslim countries should ban the products of all these anti-Islamic countries and eliminate all contact with these anti-Islamic countries otherwise one day all of us Islamic countries will fall victim to this oppression.

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Today is the opportunity to support each other and fulfill the duty of Islam. It is a pity that Muslim countries, despite being strong, are powerless. Palestinian analyst Jalal Mohammed, A well-known journalist, cried in a live program and said that all Muslim countries should stand with Palestine and take any step for the sanctity of Jerusalem, Jerusalem is the first qiblah of Muslims and its protection is important for the Islamic world. Speaking to the media, Ikramuddin, Head of the Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists European Organization and chief executive of Global Times Media Europe, said that the United Nations and the international community should be ashamed that they have not taken any action against the ongoing Israelis terrorism in Palestine.

It is not a time for condemnation but to teach a shocking lesson to Israel. I am surprised that today’s 57 Islamic countries, then their army of 5 million but their weapons have rusted or the hearts of these dishonorable people, A few Jews are massacring Muslims in public and on the other hand our religious leaders and rulers are only in the lure of power, No matter how but just to get the government’s privileges, They should fear the wrath of Allah. He added that if Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had condemned, Pakistan would not have come into existence. He acted and succeeded. Then after Jinnah, no leader has come who acted instead of condemning, This one word has destroyed the Muslim Ummah. How big is the land of God, Explain what Muslims have achieved without fighting, nothing is gained by condemning, It is gained by action. By the way, Non-Muslims are also condemning. May Allah bless and have mercy on the Palestinian Muslims. Amen.

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