Murder of a Muslim family in Canada is a violation of human rights. Rukhsar Butt

KARACHI:(Special Correspondent) According to Global Times Media Report, President of the World Women’s Foundation Rukhsar Butt said that five innocent Pakistani Canadians were killed. The sin of the victims is to be Muslims, If that kind of trend has not been stopped then innocent people will likely be targeted. She regrets the brutal killing of a Muslim family in Canada and said that it is a violation of human rights. The growing atrocities of Islamophobia are causing fear and panic among Muslims abroad. Rukhsar Butt has appealed to Justin Trudeau Prime minister of Canada to provide a safe environment for Muslims, Rukhsar Butt called on all forums to speak out against this barbaric act before it embraces other Muslims abroad.

The Canadian government should play its part to restore trust and ensure the Muslim community’s safety. This incident is a manifestation of open terrorism and ignorance of the religion of Islam. The whole world needs to unite to fight Islamophobia. She further said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has always spoken of ending Islamophobia. The Prime Minister has always offered cooperation to the international community in tackling the issue of Islamophobia.

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