Director Academics HEC Visits University of Chitral

Director Academics HEC Visits

Director Academics HEC Visits University of Chitral: Higher Education Commission (HEC) will support and facilitate the University of Chitral in its journey towards excellence in the field of academics and research, avows Mr. Sulaiman Ahmad, Director Academics of HEC during a meeting attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Heads of Academic Departments and Administrative Sections at the University of Chitral. Earlier, in his first visit to the University of Chitral, the HEC official joined the celebrations in relation to Independence Day on 14th August 2021 and addressed a huge crowd of students, faculty members, and staff gathered on the Campus.

The head of the Academic Division of HEC gave an insightful presentation to the academic and sectional heads of the University on the matters of interest including the technical aspects of various academic programs from Associate Degree to Doctorate level and on quality assurance parameters. He said that Associate Degree has been introduced to cater to the requirements of a skilled workforce in the modern world’s market, while BS provides for highly skilled workforce requirements and specializations are covered through advanced studies. He urged that the AD programs should be evolved in such a way that it equips the students with the necessary professional skills of the concerned field and if a student wants to continue, then he or she could be absorbed into the 5th semester of the program.

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Mr. Sulaiman Ahmad congratulated the University of Chitral for achieving recognition from HEC for its other Journal “Chitral University Journal of Linguistics and Literature” within a short span of its establishment. This recognizes the excellence of Chitral University in the field of Research and Development. Later he presented the journal recognition letter to the Editor of the Journal, Dr. Kifayatullah. The Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Zahir Shah thanked the guest for his productive visit to the varsity and appreciated the special attention and cooperation extended by the Higher Education Commission to this newly established University. The Vice-Chancellor assured that he will leave no stone unturned for quality assurance in academics and research and for the betterment of the institution enabling it to produce human capital conforming to the market demands, and conducting research to find solutions to the problems faced by society, thereby contributing to the socio-economic uplift of the region and beyond.

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