THQ, Hospital Booni: a test case for health tsunami

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has started reforms in health sector but it has not yet reached in Tehsil Headquarter Hospital at Booni. The hospital has a very good physical infrastructure and ideal location for providing health services…but it has yet to work. ? It has been constructed for, and must provide health facilities to millions of people living in upper Chitral.

Located on the centre of former Torkhow, Mulkhow, and Tehsil Mastuj most of the people from these areas take their patients to Booni for treatment. As they enter into the hospital move with anguish back reluctantly to Aga Khan Health (AKH) Centre at Booni Krui-Junali- a private sector hospital specialized in maternity cases where the patients have to pay for health services. The gate of the hospital remains open but none is there to receive patients at concerned sections of the hospital for required treatment.

The hospital is located next door to the office of Tehsil council Mastuj, not a single councilor has yet spoken about the condition of the hospital, and delivery of health services to the poor people of the area. These elected representatives going to Booni for either personal or official works at least once in a week never used to see and spoke about the debilitating condition in terms of service delivery in THQ, hospital.

It is also pathetic to mention that the member of provincial assembly’s (MPA) home may be at a one kilometer distance from the hospital.  Either the Tehsil Nazim and MPA at least can demand for a generator for the hospital in doing necessary health related works in hospital on the available doctors in the hospitals but not, why? The reason is that none is there to speak for the people who are poor because it’s poor who treats his/her patient in this hospital. Whenever a poor person comes in this hospital at least he complains someone but it does not reach to the concerned authorities of the department. Those people who can speak for them are economically viable they take their patients either to private hospitals or to down country for treatment, but poor is subject to poor services in the area ever.

For how long poor suffers from this, and let the health tsunami of PTI to be a test case in this hospital coming days ahead.?

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